Taking Control of My Health: A Story of Hope and Healing

A Year of Debilitating Kidney Infection

For over a year, I battled a grueling kidney infection. Doctors prescribed ever-stronger antibiotics, but none could conquer it. Each new culture resulted in another “recommended” antibiotic, yet none provided relief.

The relentless cycle of infection, fatigue, and severe pain –  the kidney throbbing in my back, the bladder spasms, the leg cramps – left me bedridden and miserable. The antibiotics added insult to injury, triggering a painful stomach ulcer and gastritis. Eating became a chore, and daily activities seemed insurmountable. Despondent and terrified of ever-escalating antibiotic doses, I felt utterly lost.

Then, a ray of hope arrived from an unexpected source – a friend on Grand Bahama Island who had recently opened an RA Balance wellness center (RA Balance Bahamas). Witnessing my struggle, she encouraged me to try their biomagnetic therapy treatments. With a desperate hope, I decided, “What have I got to lose?”

That decision transformed my life. Within the first week of treatments, I felt a shift within my body. The debilitating symptoms began to subside, and a sense of relief washed over me.  Remarkably, the biomagnetic therapy also addressed other health issues I was experiencing.

Following the eradication of the infection, the RA Balance team empowered me with tools and knowledge to prevent future occurrences. Witnessing this transformation in myself and countless others, I became a passionate advocate for RA Balance biomagnetic therapy.

This profound experience fueled my desire to bring these treatments to Florida. Today, at RA Balance Florida, I witness the joy of improved health firsthand. The saying “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything” resonates deeply. A good quality of life is paramount, and I am dedicated to helping others achieve it.

– Barbara Miller

Barbara and her husband, Gary.
Barbara and her husband, Gary.

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