Texas to Florida: Doris’s Inspiring Journey to Pain Relief

Chronic pain doesn’t have to define you! Meet Doris Cole, who traveled all the way from Houston, Texas, seeking relief at RA Balance Florida. Doris’s experience highlights how biomagnetic therapy helped her relieve chronic pain and regain flexibility after a fall. In a recent conversation with RA Balance Florida, Doris graciously shared her inspiring journey and the remarkable results she has achieved.

RA Balance Florida: Where do you live and why did you decide to make the trip to Florida for an RA Balance treatment?  

Doris Cole: I live in Houston, Texas. About six years ago I fell in Baton Rouge. My friend invited me over to her house and she was doing the scan, the biomagnetic. She was doing that and it worked. I could feel it massaging me. So I fell again about a month ago. And Heath [biomagnetic therapist at RA Balance Bahamas] called me out of the blue and he asked me, and I said, “I remember that word, ‘biomagnetic’ or something like that.” So I knew it worked for me then and I know it will work for me now. And I’ve been over here two days and it has.  

RA Balance Florida: How have the treatments helped you? What are some of the issues you were concerned about?

Doris Cole: A lot of pain. I was in pain. A whole lot of pain from my fall. And the medicine wasn’t doing me any good, my pain medicine was really medicine I didn’t want to keep taking. So last week I came and it tremendously helped calm me, and really the pain is better too. I can move better.  

RA Balance Florida: Would you recommend RA Balance to others? 

Doris Cole: Oh yes, yes. I’ve been telling all my friends, they’ve been calling me ever since when I come out here every day now. 

RA Balance Florida: Do you have anything you’d like to add before we conclude our interview? 

Doris Cole: I’m enjoying myself. I wanted to add, I like your professionalism too. I hope that’s ok to say that but, your manners are very good. 

RA Balance Florida:  We appreciate that, and you’re planning on making some future trips back? 

Doris Cole: Oh yes, I’m coming back Monday! 

RA Balance Florida: Thank you so much for your time, and we look forward to continuing our relationship and helping you. Thank you!  

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